Kip's Lab

We have a suite of three rooms that can accommodate single participants to medium sized groups, plus a waiting room.  

The lab is equipped with mirrored observation windows, 12 PCs (equipped with MediaLab and DirectRT), digital camera, digital video camera, and video/TV recorder/player.


2007-2008 Lab Group                                                       RIGHT PHOTO: Ty with poster at SPSP
LEFT PHOTO: top row: Adrienne Carter-Sowell, Kip, Ty Law;
middle row: Zhansheng Chen, Eric Wesselmann, Jim Wirth),
bottom: Honors students Emily Swim, Erin Schefske, Danielle Bagg.



VR Laboratory

In a spacious suite within the Department of Psychological Sciences, we now have a new Virtual Reality Lab with which to study individuals in an immersive environment (currently being applied to ostracism). The station includes Computer and Software, Head Mounted Display, and Tracking system. We have licenses for Python, Vizard, 3DMeNow, and 3DStudioMax.

Ty Law, conducting ostracism research in a virtual environment


Grad Students:

Adrienne Carter (email)

Areas of interest: Ostracism. Ostracism on an intergroup level; ostracism and social susceptibility.

Zhansheng Chen (email)

Areas of interest: Social pain, ostracism, emotion and social influence.

Alvin Ty Law (email)

Areas of interest: Ostracism. virtual reality, stigma.

Eric Wesselmann (email)

Areas of interest: Ostracism and aggression, religion, stigma.

Jim Wirth (email)

Areas of interest: Reactions to stigma, especially mental illness stigma. Ostracism, Cyberball expert.

at Macquarie University: Jonathan Gerber (email)

Areas of interest: Ostracism. An inquiry into the four purported needs threatened by ostracism (belonging, self-esteem, control, and meaningful existence).

at Macquarie University: Andrew Jones (email)

Areas of interest: Psychology and law. Jury vilification, crime heinousness, and lowering thresholds for beyond a reasonable doubt.


Martin Bourgeois

Neil Brewer

Julie Fitness

Lynne FosterLee

Cassandra Govan

Matt Lieberman

Ilja van Beest

Gary Wells

Ladd Wheeler

Lisa Zadro (email)

Lab Links:


Macquarie Department of Psychology Virtual Reality Workshop