Current Graduate Students and Post-Docs

 I am currently the major advisor for eight graduate students.  They are enrolled in the Cognitive Psychology or Human Factors graduate programs.  They have interests and expertise in the areas of human performance and human factors.  

Cognitive Psychology

Dongbin (Tobin) Cho - Tobin is a fourth-year graduate student.  He is mainly interested in object-based compatibility.

Yun-Kyoung Shin - Yun Kyoung has completed her dissertation research.  Her research interests are in the areas of dual-task performance, ideomotor   compatibility, and action effects.

Motonori Yamaguchi - Motonori is a fifth-year graduate student. His interests are in the areas of skill acquisition, training, and modeling human performance.

Yanmin Zhang - Yanmin is in her fourth year at Purdue, having received a Master's degree in psychology from Syracuse University.  Her interests are mainly in the area of affective cognition.

Human Factors

            Yinni Guo - Yinni has completed her dissertation research, which is in the area of content preparation for consumer electronics.

            Kyungdoh Kim - Kyungdoh is an advanced doctoral student who is working on the topic of displays for mobile devices.

Bessy Lopez-Santamaria - Bessy is working on her Master’s degree in Human Factors.  Her thesis research is on training of skills in operation of heavy machinery.

Leon Zeng - Leon is a third-year student who is studying creativity in design of products, systems, and services.